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Before completing this form, please ensure you have:

  1. Read our guidance web pages for up-to-date information about how we are mitigating the disruption to your studies, assessment and other student services.
  2. Spoken to your School about specific arrangements they are making for your degree programme.  

If you do not feel the University has sufficiently mitigated disruption to your studies as a result of COVID 19, and this has had a negative impact on you, you can use this form to make a complaint for us to consider.

If your complaint does not relate to this, you should raise it under the Student Complaints Process in the usual way. 

4.4. What School are you in? Required
6.6. What is your level of study? Required
7.7. What year are you in? Required
8.8. Please indicate the general reason for your complaint
11.11. Have you submitted an ECF request if your complaint relates to assessment?
a.11.a. If yes, what was the outcome?
12.12. Did you bring your concern to the attention of a member of staff?
13.13. Were any steps taken by staff to resolve your issue?