Information sheet

Please complete this short survey for gardeners in Britain and Ireland. We want to identify ornamental plants which might escape gardens and be detrimental to the wider environment (i.e. become invasive) in the future.

This survey is being conducted by Tomos Jones. He is a NERC SCENARIO PhD student at the University of Reading, supervised by Dr Alastair Culham, Dr Brian Pickles, and by Dr John David at the RHS.

Who can participate?
Any gardener in Britain and Ireland can complete this survey, which should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Participation is completely voluntary, and you can stop at any time.

Confidentiality, storage and disposal of information
The online survey will be conducted using Bristol Online Surveys (with which the University has a licence). Data will be stored securely on a password-protected University account 
and seen only by the research team.

What will the results of the study be used for?
The anonymised results will be used in published research and will be made available to the general public through several channels, including social media and printed material.

Who has reviewed the study?

This survey has been reviewed by the School of Biological Sciences Research Ethics Committee at the University of Reading and has been given a favourable ethical opinion for conduct.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the project further, please email Tomos on