Thank you for choosing to study Arabic with IWLP. 

Students with any prior knowledge of Arabic must take this test. This includes anyone who has taken an exam at school, studied Arabic without taking an official exam, spent time in an Arabic-speaking country, or even with a relative/friend who speaks Arabic... This is to ensure that you are placed in the best module for you. Even if you have learnt even a small amount of the language through self study please attempt the test.  Sometimes students from particular linguistic backgrounds are able to join the stage 2 module and progress more quickly. Even if you feel you have forgotten most of what you used to know, it will come back more quickly than you think.

The placement test is made up of 3 parts:

  1. Personal information (including linguistic background)
  2. Self assessment of language knowledge
  3. Knowledge assessment

Complete parts 1 and 2 fully, complete as much of part 3 as you can. 

Do not seek any help to complete the test, otherwise you may end up being placed in the wrong module.