Page 1: Let us know if you are departing the University

The University of Reading is transitioning teaching and assessment to online delivery from Wednesday 18th March. This will allow you to decide where you want to be located for the remainder of this term and into next. It is however, intended that the University campus will remain open.

NB. There may be some specific cases of assessment or teaching that cannot be delivered online, but your school will be in touch asap to let you know of the changed arrangements.

For a number of reasons it is very important that you tell us if you are returning home or deciding to base yourself away from your normal University accommodation, so please take a few minutes to complete this form. 

See our Coronavirus (Covid19) webpage for further general guidance.


3.3. What school are you in?
5.5. Are you a postgraduate research student
6.6. Are you studying here under a Tier 4 Visa
7.7. If you are living in a University of Reading hall of residence please tell us which one.

Please select no more than 1 answer(s).

Dates need to be in the format 'DD/MM/YYYY', for example 27/03/1980.