Page 1: Welcome to the survey

Palms are becoming increasingly popular with British gardeners due to their exotic appearance and increasing availability at affordable prices. However, there are limited data available regarding the species that are currently being grown outside in the UK, and where they are growing. You can help by completing this 15-20 minute survey on which palms you grow outside and how well they are doing. No sensitive personal information will be asked and you will not be identifiable by name in any publication from the survey conducted. You will be given the option to provide an email address so that we can let you know the results of the survey.

My project will aim to produce distribution maps for the most commonly grown species of palm in the UK, using data gathered from a short online questionnaire. These maps will be made available online to guide people on the range of palms that may be grown in their area. The questionnaire is also designed to gain an insight into the species that are producing viable seeds, and if they are self-seeding within British gardens. Research has shown that Trachycarpus fortunei, the palm most frequently grown in the UK, is becoming naturalised in an area of Switzerland with a similar climate to the UK and is already reproducing in gardens in the UK.

The data will be stored securely on a password protected external hard drive and only the postcode used as a reference. Contents will be held by the University of Reading and the Royal Horticultural Society and will not be shared with any third party. The details will be kept for at least five years after data collection. Participants are under no obligation to take part in the survey and may withdraw at any time.

Thank you very much for your time,

Martin Cummins (MSc Plant Diversity student)