Page 1: The Barriers and Facilitators to applying to University

Information about the study:

We would be grateful if you could assist us by participating in our study. We are examining what might encourage or prevent you from applying to University and how this might be influenced by your ethnicity.

Using online questions we are also interested in how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced your decisions about University and your mental wellbeing. Some questions will be drawn from a commonly used questionnaire about mood and feelings used for many other types of mental wellbeing research. 

Data confidentiality, storage and disposal of personal information
The data will be held securely and separately from any identifying information for e.g. your data will be stored and analysed using a study code. All data collected for the project will be destroyed when no longer needed. 

After you have read this information and if you would like to take part you can tick a consent box to agree.  If the information you share with us during the research raises a significant concern about your mental health, we will attempt to contact you using the contact details you have provided to discuss with you whether you would consider seeking help and advice from a clinically qualified professional including your General Practitioner.

Your participation is voluntary
Taking part in this study is completely voluntary; you can stop at any time. 
Please feel free to email us any questions that you may have about this study at any point. The study will not benefit you directly but may lead to changes in the future as we might be able to take some guidance from your answers and make changes to help students apply to university. 

To say thank you for your time to take part in this research we will automatically enter you into a raffle with a chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher. If you are invited to take part in the second part of the study which is an interview about going to university you will receive an Amazon voucher as compensation for your time.  

Who is organising and funding the research?
This research is funded by Study Higher.(

This application has been reviewed by the University Research Ethics Committee and has been given a favourable ethical opinion for conduct, ref: 2021-016-cm.

Thank you for your help. 

Please enter a valid email address.

2.2. If you agree to take part please tick the box to show that you understand and agree with the statement. Required
3.3. If you agree to take part please tick the box to show that you understand and agree with the statement. Required
4.4. I would like to be entered into the draw to win a £20 Amazon voucher Required
5.5. I agree to be contacted about follow up research Required