Page 1: Let us know if you need to remain resident in UoR halls of residence

Although we have recommended that as many students as possible leave halls and return home we do fully understand that this is not always possible. We therefore recognise that a small number of students will remain resident in Halls. If this applies to you it is essential that you let us know by completing this form asap.

University support services remain available to you during this time although you will need to access them remotelySee our Coronavirus (Covid19) webpage for further guidance.

As soon as we have a clearer idea of how many students are still resident we will be able to bring you more information about additional support that we will be able to provide.

4.4. Why is it necessary for you to stay on in Halls? Required

Please tell us if you are staying for another reason

5.5. Do you have a medical condition that, under the UK Governments guidelines  places you as a person who needs 'shielding'?
6.6. If you are living in a University of Reading hall of residence please tell us which one.

Please select no more than 1 answer(s).

7.7. What school are you in?
9.9. Are you studying here under a Tier 4 visa?
10.10. Are you a postgraduate research student