Understanding wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace is an important topic. We are all happier and more productive when we enjoy our jobs, feel our contributions are valued and are supported to achieve our best at work. Unfortunately, while some autistic people thrive in their jobs, others experience challenges at work which have a negative effect on their health and wellbeing. We are interested in understanding more about the experiences of autistic people at work, the relationship certain autistic traits have with wellbeing, and in particular what helps or hinders workplace wellbeing. We hope the information we collect in this survey can help organisations support their autistic employees to thrive.

If you are on the autism spectrum (including Asperger's and you may be professionally or self-diagnosed) with no intellectual disability and you have current or previous work or voluntary experience, you are welcome to take part. 

The survey consists of open-ended and multiple-choice questions and should take less than 30 minutes to complete. Your answers will be completely confidential and no identifying information will be collected. 

Please click here for a copy of our information sheet, where you can read about confidentiality and the way we will keep your data secure. 

Do I have to take part?

Taking part in the survey is voluntary. If you decide you do not want to take part after starting the survey, you can choose to end the survey by closing the webpage. If you have saved your progress by clicking 'Finish later', the answers you have already given will be sent to the researchers. As data are anonymous, you will not be able to withdraw your data after submitting your answers.

Who are the researchers? 

This survey is being carried our for a Master’s research project by Christine Jones and Anna Kristensen from the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading. The project is supervised by Dr Fiona Knott, Clinical Psychologist at the Centre for Autism, www.reading.ac.uk/autism.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact one of the researchers on christine.jones@student.reading.ac.uk or a.b.kristensen@student.reading.ac.uk.

This project has been reviewed and received ethics clearance by the University of Reading Research Ethics Committee [2020-046-FK].